Technical Translation

The complexity of technical documents requires accurate translation. Byron employs technical translators who are experienced in their specific fields, and their work is rigorously audited. Byron also makes sure that the translations are proofread and quality assured. You, the client, can set your mind at ease, knowing you will receive a professional, well-polished final document.

Byron Translations

Experienced technical translators

Translators can only produce top quality professional work if they are fully knowledgeable in the document’s relevant field. Byron only chooses translators with the appropriate background and experience to translate your document. We verify that your document’s target language is the translator’s mother tongue, and that the translator is fully fluent inthe source language.



At Byron, your documents are handled with the highest confidentiality. Whether your document contains personal information, classified information on your clients, or details about your company’s activities, Byron will provide you with a signed document assuring complete confidentiality.

Quality Assurance

Translated technical documents are meticulously checked by professional language editors. They, like your document’s translator, also come from the technical field, and make sure that every sentence is checked against the source material to provide you with the most precise wording while ensuring fluidity in the target language.

Urgent translations

We are set up to handle urgent translations. Byron’s experienced translators and effective quality assurance system allow us maintain the highest standards within the shortest time frame.

Service from the heart

At Byron, translation does not end when we deliver your translated document. Comments or requests for changes are handled until you are completely satisfied. The recommendations on this site share what our clients think of our service and the quality of our translators. Contact us now for more details and a quote free of charge. 

Why Byron Translations?

Only the Best – We only work with native-speaking translation professionals who understand the tone, nuance and formality of the piece being translated ensuring you get your point across correctly. 

34 Years Experience – Our services have been trusted by international companies and private individuals alike. If you need time-tested quality, you can trust Byron Translations

Expert Checks – All our documents go through thorough quality control carried out by industry experts. This assures you that your documents are always of the highest possible quality.   

Efficient and Effective – Our decades of experience have allowed us to optimise our workflow and streamline our processes. We deliver what you need when you need it. 

Competitive Pricing – Our skill and efficiency allow us to pass on savings to you. We are able to provide an outstanding service at a competitive rate without ever compromising on quality. 


Technical translation refers to the translation of specialized content such as technical documents, manuals, user guides, and specifications that require expert knowledge of the subject matter and a deep understanding of technical terminology.

Professional technical translation services ensure that your technical documents are accurately translated and convey the intended meaning. This helps to avoid any misinterpretation or miscommunication that could potentially result in costly errors, legal disputes or damage to reputation.

Technical documents that can be translated include user manuals, technical specifications, patents, training materials, product documentation, engineering reports, scientific articles, and any other documents that require technical expertise and specialized knowledge.

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Established in 1987, Byron Translations has helped thousands of national and international clients access the translation services they need. From leading companies such as Oxford University Press, Abbott Laboratories and HP to individuals, we have provided outstanding services to all. Quality control, native-speaking translators and on-time deliveries are just some of the hallmarks of Byron Translations.