Consecutive Interpretation

Do you need an interpreter for a court hearing or to understand an overseas client better? Byron’s interpreters will make communication so much simpler for you by providing professional consecutive interpretation (CI). Byron’s interpreters save you time, help you to prevent misunderstandings, and do their best to help you achieve your goals. Contact us now for a quote free of charge.

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We audit the quality of our work in multiple ways. One of them is through client feedback. While it is always nice to get a positive report, in this case, it was a particular pleasure.

Ronit Ben-Yair, Attorney at Sinai, Weissman Law Office, had the following to say with regards to the CI we provided to her company: “We reached your company via internet. We ordered a CI just two days prior to an important court hearing, and received quality fast service. The translator was charming and highly professional. Thanks!”


Consecutive interpretation is a mode of interpreting where the interpreter listens to the speaker and takes notes, and then delivers the message in the target language during pauses or after the speaker has finished speaking.

Consecutive interpretation services are commonly used in business meetings, legal proceedings, medical appointments, interviews, and small group settings where participants speak different languages.

To ensure quality consecutive interpretation services, it is important to work with a reputable language services provider who employs experienced and qualified interpreters. It is also important to provide the interpreter with relevant materials, such as agendas or presentation slides, prior to the event.

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