Certified Translators

To put your mind at rest and to reassure you that Byron is providing you with professional, reliable, and accurate translations, we insist that our translators have the appropriate qualifications, skills, and language proficiency.

Should you require the services of a certified translator, we request that you mention this ahead of time and, rest assured – you’ll get it!

Byron Translations

Byron Translations is a leading provider of certified translation in the UK

A certified translation is a translated document supplemented with a signed statement from the translator confirming that the translation is complete and accurate. If you need a certified translation, Byron Translations can supply it.


In the UK, there is no concept of a “certified translator” per se but there is the concept of “self-certification”, which means that the translator’s work is certified as being accurate (a kind of certification of accuracy) based on the translator having achieved verification of their translation skill level from a recognized authority or belongs to a body, such as the Chartered Institute of Linguists (CIOL) or the Institute of Translation & Interpreting (ITI), who demand a stringent, high-level quality of translation from all their graduates or members.



Sworn Translation

Sworn translations can only be provided by officially appointed translators in the country you are submitting your application to. Several countries require a sworn translator to certify your translation. Byron’s sworn translators add their signature, stamp & contact details, making your translated document acceptable for the authorities. You can find here more information about sworn translators and how the process works.

Notarised Translation

Notarised translations are include a sworn statement from a Notary Public that adds their signature & stamp to the translation, confirming the identify of the translator. Note that it is the translator that certifies the authenticity of the translation.

Apostille / Legalised Translations

Apostille translations are translations that have been legalised by a Government Ministry to make them acceptable in a country that is part of The Hague Convention. Such documents have an Apostille, which is affixed to the translation.

Certified Translators

CIOL awards a diploma in Translation that serves as the translator’s professional credentials. With this diploma and after working professionally for five years, the translator is recognized as being a Chartered Linguist (CL).
The ITI tests potential members and, on qualification and provided that the candidate has at least three years’ translation experience, the member is allowed to affix the ITI certification seal to a translation done by them.

Of course, a translator may have the right credentials after studying for and having been awarded a BA or even an MA in Translation from a university or college.

Translation of official documents, for example, certificates, government documents, and diplomas, requires additional certification of accuracy, such as from a notary, an embassy, a bank – and Byron can help to obtain this.

Professionalism in translation is not only a matter of doing what needs to be done in the time it should be done and with correct grammar, spelling, and formatting, it also means doing it correctly, researching the subject to find the precise terminology, and offering up a translation you can depend on.

Why Byron Translations?

Only the Best – We only work with native-speaking translation professionals who understand the tone, nuance and formality of the piece being translated ensuring you get your point across correctly. 

34 Years Experience – Our services have been trusted by international companies and private individuals alike. If you need time-tested quality, you can trust Byron Translations

Expert Checks – All our documents go through thorough quality control carried out by industry experts. This assures you that your documents are always of the highest possible quality.   

Efficient and Effective – Our decades of experience have allowed us to optimise our workflow and streamline our processes. We deliver what you need when you need it. 

Competitive Pricing – Our skill and efficiency allow us to pass on savings to you. We are able to provide an outstanding service at a competitive rate without ever compromising on quality. 

Here is an example of the text that we use to certify our translations:

This is a true and accurate translation of the original document. Date: ____________

Name of translator: _______________ . Freelance translator at “ebyron.co.uk” and employed by Byron Translations and Byron Seminars, member of ___________________ and has a _____________ degree in _____________ . 

Email: sales@ebyron.co.uk

UK postal address: 6 Crescent Road Margate Kent CT9 5AP


A certified translator is an individual who has been authorized by a professional organization or government entity to provide accurate and reliable translations of official documents, such as birth certificates, passports, academic transcripts, and legal contracts.

Using a certified translator can ensure that your translated documents are accurate, reliable, and legally recognized. A certified translation can be required by government agencies, academic institutions, and employers for immigration, education, or employment purposes.

Documents that may require certified translation include birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce decrees, adoption papers, academic transcripts, diplomas, legal contracts, medical records, and immigration documents.

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