Terms of Service

(See the conditions for using our website, further down this page)

  1. By becoming one of the the Company’s customers, and receiving the Company’s services, the Customer agrees to the terms set forth in this agreement.
  2. The Customer agrees that cheques sent to cover labour costs (in whole or in part) shall not be deemed as payment, until each and every cheque has been
  3. Byron Seminars Ltd. reserves the right not to process other work orders from the Customer, if the Customer is late in paying for any of his work, until such time as the late payment is made good.
  4. Delivery of the translation work shall be via our e-mail address specified on our contact page.
  5. For particularly large-scale translation work, Byron Seminars Ltd has the capability of delivering the translation to the Customer in instalments, according to the judgement of Byron Seminars Ltd. In such a case, each instalment shall be self-contained, for the purpose of the order, and the Customer shall pay for each instalment separately.
  6. Date of completion of the work: Days when normal work is perturbed in the UK or Israel, or days when there is no work at all, such as Saturdays, Israeli/Jewish holidays and other such days, shall be excluded from the tally of days to the completion of the work. A translation order received between Sunday and Thursday after 16:00, shall be deemed to have been received on the morrow, in all matters pertaining to the deadline for delivery of the translation. In any case, you can set other deadlines for the delivery of the translation; these deadlines shall be recorded as an appendix to the General Conditions below.
  7. The Customer undertakes not to allow the translators and interpreters of Byron Seminars Ltd. to translate, teach or provide any service, whether directly, or indirectly through others, without the explicit written permission and consent of Byron Seminars Ltd.
  8. Byron Seminars Ltd., its employees and all persons acting on its behalf shall not bear responsibility for any circumstances beyond its control, including force majeure, fire, war, sabotage, serious public order disturbances, acts or omissions by a communication and / or Internet provider, or restrictions imposed by it, laws, regulations or government decrees or other causes beyond the control of Byron Seminars Ltd. Since the aforesaid circumstances are beyond the control of Byron Seminars Ltd., Byron Seminars Ltd., despite reasonable efforts may be unable to meet its obligations.
  9. Any dispute between Byron Seminars Ltd. and the Customer shall be adjudicated by a court in Tel Aviv, Israel.
  10. The Customer undertakes to pay 10 GBP per day, for each day of late payment.
  11. Without subtracting from the above, the Customer shall pledge that:

His employees, agents, or any person or entity associated with him or acting on his behalf, or who engages in the performance of a service or anything related to it, if any, shall directly assume to the full, the obligations detailed in this present document.

Conditions for Using our Website

  1. Use of the website http://www.ebyton.co.uk (by Company customers and others) shall be subject to the following conditions:
  2. The information on this website shall not be used in a manner contrary to Israeli and international law.
  3. The information on this website is for general information only, and does not commit Byron Seminars Ltd. in any way. The only information that commits Byron Seminars Ltd. is the information included in the contract signed between the Customer and Byron Seminars Ltd., when ordering and confirming the service, and the terms of use detailed on this page.
  4. If you contact us via email (using the on-line form or by direct enquiry), you agree that we will use your email solely for the purpose of contacting you at your request, for business communication between us, or for updates on promotions and company activities that we think may interest you. We undertake not to send you any kind of “spam” or any mail unrelated to Byron’s business activities. If you do not wish to receive updates on Byron’s activities, you can remove yourself from the mailing list, or indicate this in advance. Alternatively, you may contact us by phone at the number on our contact page.
  5. Byron Seminars Ltd. is not responsible for the content of other websites, even if a link to such websites appears on our website.
  6. All information contained on this website is subject to change without notice at any time.

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