Simultaneous Interpretation

Do you need simultaneous interpretation for a convention, seminar, meeting, or conference? Our interpreters are experienced professionals who will perform the complex process of interpretation accurately. We choose our employees carefully and prep them for the job with information that will help them during the interpretation. Our professional interpreters and advanced technology will ensure that the interpretation will be done professionally and credibly.

Interpretation during meetings

Our interpreters will make communicating with clients simple and easy. There is no need for a subscription or a long-term contract. You do not have to wait a long time to find an interpreter. Contact Byron now and the words will begin to flow.

Professional equipment

Byron Translations uses the most advanced equipment available for simultaneous interpretation. The proper equipment and the right interpreters contribute to efficient communication.

Urgent simultaneous interpretation

We are set upto handle urgent requests for interpreters at short notice. We have dozens of experienced interpreters at our disposal who are ready to be of service at any critical moment. Need an interpreter now? Please contact us.

Simultaneous interpretation in your particular field

We will match the interpreter to your subject matter. If, for example, you need an interpreter in the field of business and economics, we will provide you with the appropriate interpreter. We employ interpreters for different needs: accompanying foreign guests, court interpreters, meetings and seminars, communications (radio, TV), and various types of events. We will examine your needs and make sure that the interpretation will be done in the most professional way that will meet all your expectations. It is also possible to use Byron’s recording and transcription services.

Byron Translations - up to four languages simultaneously


Simultaneous interpretation is a type of language interpretation in which the interpreter interprets the speaker’s words in real-time, while the speaker is still speaking. The interpreter listens to the speaker through headphones and speaks into a microphone, allowing the audience to hear the interpreted speech through their own headphones.

Simultaneous interpretation services might be required at international conferences, business meetings, political summits, or any event where people who speak different languages need to communicate effectively.

Simultaneous interpreters need to have excellent language skills in both the source and target languages, as well as a deep understanding of the subject matter being discussed. They also need to have excellent memory, concentration, and communication skills, as well as the ability to work under pressure.

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